AHSA Symposium

The annual student symposium is the flagship event for the AHA and gives current graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to submit their work, gain conference experience, and connect with art history scholars from across the country.

Call for Papers (CFP) Below:

Stay updated via the Symposium heading on our homepage, and for any questions, please contact: oregonaha@gmail.com

Contested Memories


Who decides how the is past is remembered? What is privileged? What is lost?

The recent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, sparked in part by the planned removal of a statue of Confederate Commander Robert E. Lee, gravely signal the need for thoughtful dialogue on the stakes of memorialization. The 2018 University of Oregon Art History Student Association Symposium explores the ways in which art, architecture, and cultural institutions navigate the shifting processes and problems of commemoration, memorialization, and preservation of the past and present.

We welcome paper topics that engage with memory and memorialization, including but not limited to the following: collective and contested memories; cultural heritage and historic preservation; the ethics of monuments and monument removal; museums as sites of memory; remembering marginalized identities and repressed pasts; memory in digital, ephemeral, and public art.


Symposium Date: April 20th, 2018

Please submit a 300 word abstract with a descriptive image and current CV in a PDF attachment to: uosymposium@gmail.com by January 8th, 2018.

Selected speakers will be notified by January 26th. Please confirm attendance by February 5th.

We invite submissions from MA and PhD candidates in any area. We also invite proposals performances by artists pursuing MFAs whose work deals with the concept memory.

Keynote Speaker: Tobias Wofford, “Contested Heritage, Contested Communities”

 Tobias Wofford is an assistant professor in the Department of Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University. His research explores the meeting of globalization and identity in the art of the African Diaspora since the 1950s. Wofford’s writing has appeared in the exhibition catalogues Postwar: Art between the Pacific and the Atlantic and Melvin Edwards: Five Decades, as well as Art Journal and African Arts. He is currently working on a book-length manuscript that examines the multifaceted role of Africa in contemporary African American art.

Symposium Co-Chairs: Caroline Phillips and Emily Shinn, Master’s Candidates, Department of the History of Art & Architecture, University of Oregon, 2018


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