Executive Board

AHA Officers 2017 – 2018


Caroline Phillips – Graduate Co-Chair, AHA Symposium Co-Chair

Research Interests: relics and memory, networks of patronage in the Italian Baroque

Favorite Museum: Galleria Borghese

Museum pet peeve: taking pictures of the art without actually looking at the art


Marianna Finke – Undergraduate Co-Chair

Current Favorite Artists: Nick Alm and Toyin Ojih Odutola

Career Aspirations: Working within the Public Art sector, maybe at an Arts Council, or as a public arts manager. One can always dream!

Song I will always dance to no matter what: Bootylicous


Emily Shinn– AHA Symposium Co-Chair, Communications & Marketing

Primary Interests: late nineteenth through early twentieth century European and American painting and sculpture, particularly early modernism and the interwar period

Favorite Museums: Art Institute of Chicago, Wadsworth Atheneum, MoMA, Musée d’Orsay


Lucy Miller– Professional Development, AHA Art Show Co-Chair

Research Interests: Identity, race and cultural exchange in Roman & Egyptian art, Isiac ritual practice, and contemporary photography from 1960’s onwards.

Favorite Museums: Tate Modern, British Museum, and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive


Alexandra Schneider – AHA Art Show Co-Chair, Treasurer, Faculty & GTFF Union Liaison

Area of Specialization: Classical Antiquity

Favorite Art Museum: The Getty Villa

MOST Favorite Artist: Vermeer

Leanna Zamosc – Fundraisingwebmail.uoregon

Research Interests: Contemporary Art and Israeli artist Yael Bartana’s focus on the complicated cultural and historical relationship between Jewish and Polish identities after the Holocaust and Zionist movement.

Favorite Museum: Too many favorites to choose from.

Least Favorite Artist: Jeff Koons



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